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Looking to strengthen DevOps capabilities? Hire our experts and take your operations to the next level! Our services cover cloud migration, virtualization, containerization, server admin, and infrastructure management



Promotes collaboration between development teams, security experts, and operational professionals to create a security culture where alll project participants are responsible for protecting software. The use of DevSecOps leads to the creation of an even more efficient and secure product for users


Cross Cloud migrations

Docker, KubAllows resources and applications to be transferred between different cloud providers, improving flexibility, reducing costs, ensuring high availability and reliability of infrastructure. This helps to avoid dependence on a single providerernetes


Cloud consulting

Expert advice on cloud technologies that helps to choose, understand and optimize cloud services to achieve business goals and improve productivity, security and reliability of cloud infrastructure

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How to Augment Your
Existing Software Team?

Working with IT staffing services you can extend your in- house team in a few simple steps. We can start with finding DevOps engineers who are experts in AWS, GCP or Azure. Then we can proceed with front-end specialists.

Step 1

Send the Requirements

Before you augment staff, describe your needs so we can understand which specialists are required.

Step 2

Sign the NDA

Our IT staff augmentation company will contact you after analyzing your request. We can sign an NDA to ensure the highest level of confidentiality.

Step 3

Get Developer’s Profiles

Our recruiters select resumes according to agreed requirements. You select whom you want to interview.

Step 4

Conduct Interviews

You can arrange as many rounds of interviews as you need using any interview tools.

Step 5

Sign the Contract

After you’ve selected the specialists to extend your team, we agree upon the conditions of our further cooperation.

Step 6

Start the Project

When the contract is signed, we provide your remote developers with fully-equipped workstations. Our specialists take care of the onboarding process.

Testimonials from Clients

we’ve helped to build cutting-edge infrastructure


Jonas Schneider

CTO at BioHealth

We initially approached CloudNerds to help us automate the development of our doctor appointment app. As the project’s deadlines were coming up, we could not spare time to hire a full DevOps team, so we opted for DevOps automation consulting. It took them only a few days to find weak spots in our system and devise a strategy to remedy them. Their remarkable experience and dedication to their craft left us astonished and wishing to work with them on our future projects.


Alex Jones

Owner of Jolari

Before hiring CloudNerds, we had significant issues with continuous integration and deployment pipelines. We quickly realized we required the help of a professional DevOps service provider. CloudNerds quickly identified and fixed the shortcomings in our deployment systems. This boosted our development speed and simplified communication inside the project.


Mark McPatrick

Co-founder of Viaser

When we migrated to the cloud, we found ourselves in a predicament. Everything went rather smoothly, but we could not figure out how to form proper clusters. We were on a tight budget, so hiring a full-time DevOps engineer to fix it was out of the question. We opted for consulting CloudNerds. They were able to find the underlying issues and fix them within a day. Since then, we regularly consult them when we need a quick fix.


Olivia Hughes

CEO at T-bit

We were initially just a small startup and our notion of DevOps was just “code efficiently with cool new software, also cloud.” However, we soon realized we needed to optimize our development pipelines or our projects would never be done in a reasonable timeframe. We contacted CloudNerds for assistance, and they offered to audit and provide DevOps strategy consulting to our company. In retrospect, this was the best decision for our company, since it allowed us to save time and money on development time without fully committing to a DevOps team.

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Reduce IT Costs

Reduce infrastructure costs with Pay-as-you-go pricing model.


Efficient Scalability

Scale-up your infrastructure when you need, scale-down when you don’t.



Secure your networks with industry certified security services.



Deploy applications without provisioning servers.

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Our team of experienced cloud architects and consultants works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and recommend the best cloud infrastructure solutions to meet their needs.

We work with all major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, and have extensive experience deploying and managing cloud environments on each platform.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, optimize your existing infrastructure, or adopt emerging cloud technologies, CloudNerds can help.

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