AWS DevOps

Take your cloud services to the next level with our AWS DevOps services. Leverage the unique expertise of CloudNerds engineers to empower your business with cloud technologies.


AWS DevOps
We Offer

AWS Monitoring and Backup

Owners want assurance that their business can survive any accident. With our team monitoring and backing up your progress, you can sleep well knowing your development is in good hands.

AWS Staff Augmentation

Improve your team’s capacity with our professional cloud engineers. Work on your software while we take care of your systems.

AWS Managed Services

Our cloud devs will help you host your code, build, test, and deploy applications without a hitch.

AWS Implementations

If there are any specific solutions you want implemented for your cloud storage, our developers can easily do that for you.


Implement continuous integration and deployment pipelines to automate your workflow.

Improve your cloud infrastructure with our experts. Contact us and
our AWS DevOps company will gather your team within 24 hours!

How Our AWS DevOps


Gabriella Moreau

Project Manager

Scope Estimation

First, we need to estimate how many resources you will need to complete your project. We will also plan and present you with the solutions and prices.

Team Assembly

Our manager will pick the top talents suitable for your product. You can pick and choose who you want on your project.

Document Signing

We’ll discuss our talent provision conditions and sign cooperation documents, as well as NDA (if required).


We will quickly assemble your team and send them your way. No need to worry about onboarding, we will care about that for you.

Our Case Studies


Implementing CI/CD pipelines


Migrating to AWS


Improving cloud security


AWS infrastructure maintenance

Hear from Our Clients


Alessio Rossi

CTO at LiraSoft

Migration from Azure to AWS seemed daunting at first. However, thanks to CloudNerds, it went painlessly. They created a roadmap for us and strictly adhered to it. We were pleased with their quick and clear communication, as well as fast execution.


Anders Jensen

CIO at LundLogic

CloudNerds offer sublime services. They handled staff augmentation quickly and professionally, allowing us to concentrate on our processes. The contact person was pleasant and professional. We definitely recommend CloudNerds to everyone looking for good cloud services.


Jonas Schneider

CTO at BioHealth

We initially approached CloudNerds to help us automate the development of our doctor appointment app. As the project’s deadlines were coming up, we could not spare time to hire a full DevOps team, so we opted for DevOps automation consulting. It took them only a few days to find weak spots in our system and devise a strategy to remedy them. Their remarkable experience and dedication to their craft left us astonished and wishing to work with them on our future projects.


Gabriella Moreau

CTO at SavoirTech

We were initially just a small startup and our notion of DevOps was just “code efficiently with cool new software, also cloud.” However, we soon realized we needed to optimize our development pipelines or our projects would never be done in a reasonable timeframe. We contacted CloudNerds for assistance, and they offered to audit and provide DevOps strategy consulting to our company. In retrospect, this was the best decision for our company, since it allowed us to save time and money on development time without fully committing to a DevOps team.

CloudNerds: Managed DevOps
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Highest Quality

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, CloudNerds is your choice. Perfection is priceless, but we can certainly give you a bargain.


AWS Partners

CloudNerds are certified AWS partners and we have a pool of highly-qualified developers, who specialize on Amazon’s cloud solution.


Top Talent

The hiring policy at our company is strict to give you only the best engineers. We offer only experienced middle and senior developers to adhere to your high standards.


Cloud Excellence

Developers at CloudNerds are experts in all popular cloud services, so migration from one service to another will be effortless for you and us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do DevOps consulting services cost?

The cost of consulting depends on several factors: complexity of the problem, seniority of experts, team’s location, and more. US-based DevOps engineers typically charge roughly $100/hour, while experts from Eastern Europe take around $30/hour. For a more detailed breakdown of the prices, we recommend requesting a quote.

What are the success factors for DevOps consulting?

What are the risks of cloud DevOps consulting services?

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