DevOps Managed Services

CloudNerds offers unparalleled DevOps management services for businesses that value their time and money.


DevOps Managed Services We Offer



Software Build Automation

Going from manually delivering software builds to automating them significantly increases deployment speed and code quality. We can set it to happen on schedule or with every commit to version control.



Monitoring and Backup

Losing progress due to unforeseen circumstances can be devastating for any project. Our DevOps engineers will automate backup creation and monitor any issues that might warrant a rollback.



Migrating to Cloud Services

Migrating to cloud services is the perfect solution if you are looking for high stability, lower cost of ownership, and synchronization of all your project processes.



Cloud Infrastructure Support

CloudNerds is partnered with the biggest cloud service providers and can help you maintain your infrastructure. We monitor the state of your infrastructure and analyze security risks, applying DevOps best practices to protect your valuable data.

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Our Case Studies


Tech stack modernization


Security audit


Cloud Cost Optimization


Cloud Cost Optimization

Tools and Technologies
for Your Success

Cloud Providers

We have great experience helping businesses reduce their cost of ownership or expand quickly with cloud technologies.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform, AWS CloudFormation

Containerization and Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes


GitLab CI, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitHub, Bitbucket, Git, CircleCI

Configuration Management



Postgres, MySQL, DynamoDB, BigQuery


AWS Lambda


CloudWatch, Prometheus and Grafana


Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Amazon Linux


Python, Bash

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The Process of DevOps Managed Services


Gabriella Moreau

Project Manage

Scope Estimation

We do an initial interview with you to better understand what you need. An estimation will be provided for the time required to optimize your systems and the associated cost.

Team Assembly

We pick specialists that we think will fit you best. You can interview our engineers as much as you need to select the cream of the crop for your business or let us handle this process.

Document Signing

As soon as all the conditions are agreed on, we offer you a signed contract as well as an NDA if your business needs additional protection.


Now that the formalities are out of the way, our experts will get to managing your infrastructure to let you feel all the advantages cloud brings.

Hear from Our Clients


Jonas Schneider

CTO at BioHealth

We initially approached CloudNerds to help us automate the development of our doctor appointment app. As the project’s deadlines were coming up, we could not spare time to hire a full DevOps team, so we opted for DevOps automation consulting. It took them only a few days to find weak spots in our system and devise a strategy to remedy them. Their remarkable experience and dedication to their craft left us astonished and wishing to work with them on our future projects.


Liam Thompson

CTO at AppSphere

As our company started to grow, we figured out we needed to optimize and streamline our workflow. We initially wanted to train our DevOps specialists but quickly realized that DevOps as a managed service is a much better solution for us. Lo and behold, we found CloudNerds, who became an invaluable asset and partner. We have been using their services for many years and can confidently recommend them.


Ava Martinez

CEO at Bangle

CloudNerds have helped us scale our DevOps team to manage our cloud infrastructure efficiently. Their engineers were a great boon to our growing enterprise. Their approach to managed DevOps services is perfect for anyone looking for a permanent but quick fix to all their cloud issues.


Olivia Hughes

CEO at T-bit

We were initially just a small startup and our notion of DevOps was just “code efficiently with cool new software, also cloud.” However, we soon realized we needed to optimize our development pipelines or our projects would never be done in a reasonable timeframe. We contacted CloudNerds for assistance, and they offered to audit and provide DevOps strategy consulting to our company. In retrospect, this was the best decision for our company, since it allowed us to save time and money on development time without fully committing to a DevOps team.

CloudNerds: Managed DevOps Services You Can Trust


Top-tier talent

CloudNerds offers you a selection of 20+ DevOps engineers with expertise in various fields and niches. Here you will find only middle- and senior-level developers who have years of experience under their belts.


Fast delivery

We value your time, so we start working as soon as we receive your message. You can expect your team to be ready within 24 hours of initial contact.


Quality guarantee

Delivering the best quality is paramount to us. CloudNerds always strive for perfection to make your business agile, stable, and secure.



Partnership is key for delivering the highest quality of services. We trust you to tell us everything we need to know and return this trust by being completely transparent about our methods and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do DevOps consulting services cost?

The cost of consulting depends on several factors: complexity of the problem, seniority of experts, team’s location, and more. US-based DevOps engineers typically charge roughly $100/hour, while experts from Eastern Europe take around $30/hour. For a more detailed breakdown of the prices, we recommend requesting a quote.

Can you integrate DevOps with our existing development processes?

Absolutely! One of our core strengths is seamlessly integrating DevOps best practices into your workflow. We closely work with your developers to understand and eliminate all bottlenecks and pain points in your processes.

Can I hire CloudNerds as my DevOps managed services provider?

Yes, our cloud DevOps company is here to assist you with all your DevOps needs. Contact us and we will get your engineers ready withing 24 hours.

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